It all started with Doctor Dane Rob who is an infamous Biotech genetic scientist, from his childhood Doctor Dane was fascinated by all species of animals and he thought to himself what if these species of animals were as smart and intelligent as humans.
He followed his curiosity and started his research at a very young age learning about the biology of animals especially in Genetics and how a technique called cloning can be used to modify the genetics of a being and theoretically enhance its abilities. Soon enough the work of Doctor Dane was identified by the government as a threat to humanity which led Doctor Dane to lose his lab but he had known that this was going to happen sooner or later, so he had planned his escape to Bermuda Islands.
In the mysterious Islands of Bermuda, Doctor Dane discovered a mountain made of a grey element that was not known to mankind, after thorough observation from Doctor Dane he found that the mountain was a source of energy that was beyond any science known to mankind and it was creating disruption in the magnetic field of that island resulting in all communication and navigation devices to fail. After 5 years of research Doctor, Dane was able to create a device that was able to harness this energy and he used this energy to set up his new laboratory.
Doctor Dane was determined to bring his thoughts to manifestation and with his new discovery, he was sure to reach new horizons of Genetic modification of life forms. Being close to the ocean he observed that the apex predators were Sharks, he captured 5 tiger sharks and started to study their DNA, he found several genes that are almost identical to those found in humans. He said to himself that's it I will create a cross between humans and Sharks, intelligence of humans, and strength and instincts of Sharks.
The Doctor found success on his 4th Shark which was half-human and half-shark which he called Neo, the Doctor didn't stop but started to create more with different species of Sharks till finally one day when his own creation attacked him, his first success Neo came to save him from the attack but during this incident, he was injured to death by the other Shark Humans who have a need to satisfy their newfound blood lust.
With the sacrifice of Neo, Doctor Dane was able to escape the sharks to his underground safe house, where he realized that sharks have a blood lust in their genes and it had overpowered the human modification. The Doctor remembered the moment when Neo helped him escape sacrificing his own life, he saw that loyalty was something that was missing in other creations, he made weapons with the energy that he learned to harness from the mountains and attacked the sharks, some of them died and the other escaped into the ocean.
The Doctor has found success and failure at the same time, but he knew that he couldn't stop his research, but what his next creation should have most is loyalty and he knew exactly what animal he could use to achieve this. Dogs were the only species on the planet that showed the characteristics of loyalty more than anyone else. The Doctor started his experiments on different species of dogs and continued to modify their genetics. It was not long before the Doctor was able to find success, the doctor found Dog-Humans to be more productive and fast learning, they were helping him in his work as well as protecting him from any threats. The Doctor was pleased with his result gradually the population of Dog-Humans was increasing, and he knew that they are not safe to be in the outer world, so he decided to teach them how to harness the energy from the mysterious mountain.
With the energy of the rocks of the mountain, the Doctor and dogs were able to create spaceships that had technology that was way advanced from humans. The Doctor sent these Dogs to space on a mission to explore the Cosmos and to find and collect more materials like this mysterious rock.