Platform & Targets

For users to access our game the minimal requirement is a web browser. We have designed the user interface in a simple and convenient way for every user. To get the complete and immersive experience we are in process of integrating VR Headset support which will be made available by the last quarter of 2022.

Virtual reality and metaverse

The DaneRob team has a long experience with virtual reality and fully understands the current and future challenges. We are convinced that we are on the verge of creating one of the first major megaverse in the metaverse on the blockchain. In the long term, we want to maximize the symbiosis between players and game stabilization, and we'll be covering the development and design of a game and an inclusive universe made for VR headsets. Moreover, the narrative and universe of DaneRob, where players wear brain-machine interfaces to command their characters directly leads the player to plug in their headset. The border between real and virtual is diluted and the VR headset takes on a narrative and intra-diegetic dimension.
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