The gameplay introduced below outlines the initial vision submitted to the community by the DaneRob team. We want to integrate the community into the game design and development process so that this vision evolves and reflects player expectations and market opportunities in the best way possible. DaneRob's gameplay is built around these gameplay experiences:
  • Customization of your DaneRob Character.
  • Open-world exploration in the DaneRob metaverse.
  • Multiplayer experiences like PvP, co-op, Role-play, etc.
  • NFT marketplace
  • NFT staking
  • Airdrop mechanism
The magnificent metaverse of DaneRob is where Danes are on a mission to collect Kronton a rare element that can be exchanged for $DANE tokens. You get an option to get into an exploration adventure in the megaverse to search and mine Kronton or you can challenge other Danes into battle and win Kronton as a reward.

The customization of your DaneRob Character

When you start the game you get the option to choose and customize your character from our NFT marketplace, high detail of customizations are available to suit both looks and style. Moreover, each Dane has a unique serial number registered on the blockchain. This list is not definitive and likely to change, depending on the series and the bodies. Each attribute can affect the stats of your Dane (strength, speed, attack, defense, battle ability ….) and/or be used offensively, defensively or to move around, like for example the acquiring and assembling NFT attribute upgrades allows you to develop your own play style.

Fights and rewards in arenas

There are 3 types of fight in DaneRob:
1) Multiplayer Battle: Players compete with each other in the magnificent metaverse of DaneRob. They are on a mission to collect kronton as much as possible and in order to achieve that, they can challenge each other to a battle. A request for the battle is sent to the other players in proximity and once accepted a winning amount is decided between the participants and the battle is commenced the player who wins receives the raised amount of kronton, in addition, to this winning battles add extra battle points to your character.
2) 1vs1 Arena Battle: To accelerate the collection of Kronton, players enter Battle Arena organized by us. Two players who want to fight each other meet in DaneRob's ultimate battle arena. They fight each other to win the weekly prize pool.
3) Artificial Intelligence Bots: Unlike other games on the blockchain, you can still continue to win prizes even if there are no active users at the time you play the game. Artificial intelligence bots are added to servers when the number of active users drops a certain threshold.
The reward distribution of the players is made according to the amount of Kronton they have mined in-game. The mined Kronton can be exchanged for $Dane tokens.

In-game NFT Marketplace

Now to upgrade your character or own more items you don't need to search outside we have created state of the art in-game marketplace where users can buy items easily without any extra hassle.
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