The DaneRob Project

DaneRob's Megaverse in the Metaverse is a 3D play-to-earn adventure and exploration video game. The main objective of each player is to gather kronton a rare element. It creates the opportunity for players to explore the magnificent cosmos to mine kronton, players can also get into battles to earn kronton, which can be exchanged for $Dane Tokens.
We conveniently offer an in-game NFT Marketplace which showcases 3D NFT items that can be purchased to add upgrades to your Dane.

Business Model

  • Creation of an in-game tokenomics based on $DANE utility token.
  • Regular production and sale of new NFT Items and Characters.
  • Commission for registration.
  • Injecting parts of the profits into marketing, business development, and in-game economy.
  • NFT real estate staking and passive income system.


  • Unique assembly concept of NFT.
  • Proposal breaking with simplistic play-to-earn games.
  • Immense potential and market with the mobile-first approach.
  • In the front line of the upcoming VR revolution.
  • Effective marketing power and engaged community.
  • Experienced entrepreneurs.
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